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FFFThe Family Fitness Facility (FFF) is a child friendly fitness center open to all Family and MWR patrons.  The FFF is a center where patrons can come in, workout, and keep an eye on their children at the same time.  The FFF has several play areas, numerous toys, and TVs for children to use. The FFF also offers Zumba & Yoga classes taught by certified instructors. For more information call 533-0041.

Family Fitness Facility (FFF)

Mon-Fri & Training Holidays:    0800-1600
Weekends & Holidays Closed

Building, Facility and Field Reservations Form:

These forms apply to the Barnes Field House, the Eifler Fitness Center, all Fields, the Barnes Pool and the Irwin Pool and the Family Fitness Facility.

You can print them out, fill them in and then send them via email to the SFA contacts listed on the form.

Building Facility and Field Reservations

Family Fitness Facility Poster