Youth Sports and Fitness


Mission Statement

boy_soccer_playerThe Fort Huachuca Youth Sports and Fitness Program is committed to providing each child/youth with an enjoyable learning experience.  The foundations of the Programs are good sportsmanship and creating a safe environment where children and youth can gain a better understanding of each respective sport.

 We understand that the primary reason young athletes participate in sports is to have fun while competing with each other.  It is not all about winning or losing.

 We believe every child/youth matters and should be given the opportunity to learn and improve his or her knowledge, skills, and abilities.  We are committed to providing a safe place where our children and youth can participate in sports and improve in their athletic abilities.

 We believe that while competition is important, the greater value lies in competing with honor, practicing good sportsmanship, and being gracious in victory and defeat.  Sportsmanship is expected of everyone involved with the Fort Huachuca Youth Sports and Fitness Programs—from the coaches, players, parents, and referees.

General Information

coach_baseballPoints of contact for this Program are as follows:

520-533-0711 (office)

520-266-1438 (cell)

Youth Sports Registration Form

Volunteer Information

Hey, Sports Fans!  How would you like to give back to your community?  BE A COACH!   No experience necessary! The Youth Sports and Fitness Office will provide all the necessary training!  We are looking for volunteer coaches for:

  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Little League
  • Soccer
  • Mini-Sports
  • Sport-Specific Clinics

How to Become a Volunteer Coach:

  • Stop by the Youth Sports and Fitness Office and pick up a volunteer packet.
  • Complete local and national background checks.
  • Attend a FREE National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) Clinic.
  • Sign the NYSCA Coach’s Code of Ethics.

   NOTE: Volunteer Head Coach’s first child plays FREE!

Registration Information

 Children/youth, who are Family Members of active duty military, retirees, and Department of Defense civilian employees and contractors, are eligible to register for Youth Sports and Fitness Programs.  Each child/youth must be registered through the Parent Central Office.  To make an appointment to register your child/youth, please contact the Parent Central Office at 520-533-0738/3837.

Youth Physical Information

 All children/youth must have a valid physical at the time of registration that goes through the end of the chosen sport.  Children/youth will not be allowed to register unless they have a valid physical.

Program Information

 Team Sports: Traditional team sports, competitive and non-competitive leagues, for children/youth offered at Fort Huachuca are as follows:

  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Little League (T-Ball/Coach Pitch/Minors/Majors)
  • Little League (Junior/Senior)
  • Soccer

Individual Sports: Traditional and non-traditional sports for children/youth of all abilities.  Individuals participate in non-competitive and competitive events and are coached by trained volunteers or staff.  Individual sports at Fort Huachuca include:

  • Wrestling
  • Mini-Sports Basketball
  • Mini-Sports Flag Football
  • Mini-Sports Soccer
  • Mini-Sports T-Ball

Health and Fitness Programs: Fitness and Health programs for children/youth are facilitated by the Youth Sports and Fitness Director, Program Assistants, Army Public Health Nurses, and trained volunteers.  Health and Fitness Programs fall under the Fort Huachuca “PT in the Desert” Program and include the following events:

  • 3K Walks/Runs
  • Fitness Trails
  • Volksmarches
  • Challenge Courses
  • Family Sports/Competition Days
  • Health and Fitness activities at the Child Development Center, School-Age Services, and Middle School/Teen facilities

Outreach Service Programs: Intramural and skill-building activities for children/youth in partnership with Private Sector Organizations.  Outreach Service Programs at Fort Huachuca include the following:

  • Sport-Specific Clinics
  • Youth Services Pick-Up Games (conducted at the Middle School/Teen facility)
  • Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (Family and MWR) Partnerships
  • American Youth Football League (Flag/Tackle)
  • American Youth Football League Cheerleading Competition
  • Travel Soccer Team
  • Little League All-Star Tournaments
  • Festivals/Special Events
  • Ponytail Softball

CYS Services Parent Central Services Office
Murr Community Center, Bldg. #51301, Cushing Street


The CYS Services Youth Sports and Fitness Program is looking for volunteers to help make our Program a success.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Fort Huachuca CYS Services Youth Sports and Fitness Office.

Eddie Beck
Youth Sports and Fitness
533-0711 (office)
266-1438 (cell)

George McGuire
Youth Sports and Fitness
Program Associate

Code of Ethics Coaches

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