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Program Description:

 The Seifert School-Age Center (SAC) Program offers Before- and After-School Care and Hourly Care for children from the 1st through 5th grades during the school year and Full-Day Care during school-out days and vacations.  A Day Camp Program is provided during the summer and includes field trips, special events/activities, and trips to the swimming pool.

 Activities are organized within four core service areas:  Arts, Recreation, and Leisure; Life Skills, Citizenship, and Leadership; Sports, Fitness, and Health; and Academic Support, Mentoring, and Intervention Services.  The Program is affiliated with the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of America, 4-H, and Character Counts.

The SAC Program is nationally accredited through the National After-School Association (COA) and DoD Certified.

Program Location: Hatfield Street, Building #52056.

Telephone: (520) 533-7634/7633

Hours/Days of Operation: 0530 to 0800 and 1430 to 1800, Monday through Friday during the school year (closed on Federal Holidays).  Program is open from 0530 to 1800 on school-out days and vacations.

Grades Served: 1st through 5th               

Kindergarten Before- and After-School Care:

 Days/Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday; 0530 to 0800 and 1430 to 1730.  (Full-Day Care for Kindergarteners provided from 0530 to 1730 on school-out days and during the summer).  A bus from Johnston Elementary School (one of the Fort Huachuca Accommodation Schools) picks up and drops off Kindergarteners at the CDC.

Ages Served: 5-6 years

 Description:  The framework for program activities for children enrolled in this Program is based on the following Army’s four Core Service Areas:  Sports and Fitness; Life Skills and Citizenship; Leisure and Recreation; and Mentoring, Intervention, and Support Services.  In addition, the Program offers 4-H Clubs, which incorporate the Six Pillars of Character.                                                                         

Before- and After-School and Full-Day Programs:

Days of Operation:  Monday through Friday (closed on Federal Holidays)

Hours of Operation: 0530 to 1800

Description:  This Program provides appropriate activities for 1st through 5th graders of working parents requiring care during the duty day.  Children can receive assistance with their homework, use the Technology Lab, and participate in other exciting and educational opportunities provided in the Army’s Baseline Programming to include Sports, Fitness, and Health options; Arts, Recreation and Leisure activities; Life Skills, Citizenship and Leadership opportunities; and Academic Support, Mentoring, and Intervention services.  Patrons who use this Program are dual working parents, single working parents, or working parents with spouses who are full-time students.

Hourly Care:   

Days/Hours of Operation:  Monday through Friday; 0530-0800 and 1430-1700 during school days and 0530-1700 during school-out/vacation days.

Reservations can be made as far as 10 business days in advance.  Minimum number of hours is one (1) per day; maximum number of hours is five (5) per week.

Description:  Hourly patrons can enjoy the same activities provided in the Before- and After- School Program.

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