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Outreach Services is the umbrella Program for a multitude of patron services, including the Parent Central services Office, Kids-on-Site Care, Volunteer Child Care in Unit Setting (VCCUS), Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP), CYS Services Parents’ Advisory Council (PAC), Parent Education, Special Facility Openings, and Parents-as-Teachers/Heroes-at-Home (PAT-HAH) Educators.

Parent Central Services Office

 The Parent Central services Office offers a multitude of information, services, and programs provided in a convenient one-stop location.  Parent Central, the heart of CYS Services, is designed to answer most child care and youth programming questions, as well as accommodate child care for special events.

 Newly arriving Families turn to the Fort Huachuca Parent Central Services Office  services Office to learn about available child care options and register their children. Registration can be a complex process and it is recommended that parents make appointments by calling (520) 533-0738.  The current registration forms can be downloaded and printed.

 During the appointment, your Family’s information will be entered into the computer and a hard copy file will be created for each child/youth you are registering.  The experienced and dedicated PCO staff will be happy to help you find the most appropriate Programs for your children/youth.

Days/Hours of Operation:

Mondays         0700 – 1800

Tuesdays         0700 – 1800

Wednesdays    0700 – 1800

Thursdays       1300 – 1800 (closed Thursday mornings for staff training)

Fridays            0700 – 1800

 Walk-ins are welcome in the afternoons while morning hours are reserved for patrons who prefer to make appointments.

 (Note: The Parent Central Services Office is closed on Federal Holidays.)

 Location: Murr Community Center, Building 51301, Cushing St.

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are reserved for patrons who don’t mind waiting and prefer walk-ins.
For all other time blocks we make appointments for the convenience of our customers.

Child Development Centers (CDC)

 Young children, six weeks to Kindergarten, receive loving care at the New Beginnings and Expanding Horizons Child Development Centers (CDCs) and are later introduced to school routines through preschool classes and the Strong Beginnings Pre-Kindergarten program.  The fees for these services are established by calculating Total Family Income (TFI) and your fee category will be determined during your registration appointment.
Click here to go to the CDC  page.

Family Child Care (FCC)

 Family Child Care (FCC) offers a unique and happy home-away-from-home atmosphere for children, starting at six weeks old, who cannot be with their own parents during the day.  The smaller group environment creates instant bonding and promotes many social and educational experiences.   Click here to go to the FCC page

School- Age Services (SAS)

School-age children in the first through fifth grades enjoy an innovative and interesting learning environment at School-Age Services (SAS).  Homework assistance is one aspect of the Program that parents really appreciate, while the Technology Lab and 4-H and Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of America contests are extremely well-liked by the children.  Fees for this Program are, again, based on TFI. Click here to go to the SAS page

Youth Services (YS)

Youth Services (YS) offers an abundance of clubs that appeal to teenagers, promote positive behavior, and social interaction.  The Program is also affiliated with Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of America (BGCA) and 4-H.  For older teens (ages 15 to 18), a Workforce-Preparation Apprenticeship Program (HIRED!) offers the opportunity to work after school and on weekends in Family and MWR operations on the Garrison (e.g., food service and outdoor recreation).  The YS Program is offered free of charge.  Click here to go to the Middle School and Teen page.

Leisure Enrichment

Additionally Camps, Youth Sports and Fitness Programs, SKIESUnlimited Instructional Classes, and EDGE! Classes augment after-school activities.  Click here to go to  Youth Sports page. A variety of SKIESUnlimited Classes are offered, to include some free Classes (e.g., The First Tee Golf Program and the Rainwater Harvesting and Gardening Project). Click here to go to the SKIESUnlimited page. The EDGE! Classes are offered free of charge and are designed for youth in the 6th through 12th grades.  Click here to go to the  Middle School and Teen page.

School Liaison Officer (SLO)

The SLO works collaboratively with local schools and the Command to establish support systems and develop processes that promote smooth transitions and resolve other educational issues related to children/youth in the local school systems.  Click here to go to the SLO page. Overall, CYS Services provides safe child care in nurturing learning environments and exciting recreational activities!  Contact Parent Central Services Office at (520) 533-0738 to find out more about these exciting Programs.

Need more information?

Please contact Ms. Jennifer Lotten, Outreach Services Director, at 520-533-0710 or by email at jennifer.j.lotten.naf@mail.mil

 To download the CYSS pre-registration form. Right-click on the below file and click on Save Target As…filedownload/outreach document.pdf

E-mail the completed form to Jennifer Lotten at the email address above.
Parent Central Services Director
Phone: DSN 821-0710
Commercial (520) 533-0710.
Fax: (520)533-2125

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