Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers Program (BOSS)

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The Pillars of the BOSS Program

  • Quality of Life
  • Community Service
  • Recreation & Leisure

BOSS Program Mission

Our mission is to continually progress and improve the QUALITY OF LIFE for Single Service Members (bonafide bachelors, geographical bachelors, and single parents) on Fort Huachuca. To participate in COMMUNITY SERVICE projects, to voice concerns and issues on quality of life, and to be involved with leadership developing activities. As well as provide and participate in RECREATION & LEISURE events for social, recreational, and educational purposes.

History of BOSS

The BOSS program was established in 1989 to respond to the recreational needs of single soldiers who made up 37% of the Army. As the program was implemented throughout the Army, it became evident that Soldiers’ well being was the primary concern of the single Soldiers. In 1991, the Chief of Staff of the Army officially expanded BOSS to include all aspects of Soldiers’ lives. BOSS members later began to express an interest in participating in community service projects. Recreation and leisure, well being and community service are the three pillars of the BOSS program.

Who can participate in BOSS?

Are you a…..

  • Single Soldier
  • Single Sailor
  • Single Marine
  • Single Airmen
  • Single Parent
  • Geographically Single Military member
  • Foreign Service

BOSS is comprised of single and unaccompanied service members, including single parents. Although the intent of the BOSS program is for single service members, events are typically open to all authorized Family and MWR patrons.

How Does BOSS Work?

Installations establish a formal BOSS program, to include a BOSS council consisting of single Service Member representatives from installation units. Typically, the installation Command Sergeant Major serves as the senior military advisor to the council. An installation Family and MWR advisor is appointed to provide guidance in planning activities, financial accountability, and marketing. Motivated single Service Members with strong senior military and Family and MWR guidance are the backbone of the BOSS program.

What Happens to the Issues Raised by BOSS?

Issues addressed during a BOSS meeting will be formatted and submitted to the senior military advisor to seek resolution through the proper command channels or staff agency. Issues that cannot be resolved at the installation level are coordinated with the installation Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) coordinator and may be released by the installation commander to go forward to the major Army command (MACOM) AFAP.

What is the Service Members’ Role in BOSS?

BOSS councils are comprised of single Service Members from major subordinate commands and separate units on an installation. Single Service Members have and opportunity to become unit representatives, volunteer to assist in planning an event, or attend BOSS activities.

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Meeting times are 1st Wednesday each month at 1130 in the BOSS lounge. Located in the Murr Community Center, Bldg.51301 Cushing St, Fort Huachuca AZ 85613


FH BOSS Facebook Page:

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Fort Huachuca BOSS Officers:
– President – Office: (520) 538-8252
– Vice President – Office: (520) 533-6570
 – MWR Advisor –  Office: (520) 533-1335

*** If there are any suggestions / comments for improving QUALITY OF LIFE, hosting a COMMUNITY SERVICE event or project, or RECREATION & LEISURE event please let the FT Huachuca BOSS President, BOSS Vice President, MWR Advisor or one of the BOSS Representatives know so we can bring it up at the next BOSS meeting.***

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Important Documents Library

Required Publications:DRAFT- DA PAM 215-xx-BOSS DA Circular 608-06-01- BOSS Program DoDI 1015.10- Military MWR Programs

Related Publications: 

AR 1-201- Army Inspection Policy

AR 215-1- MWR NFI

AR 600-29-Fundraising in the Army

AR 608-1- Army Community Service

Forms:DA 2028- Recommended Changes to PublicationsDA 4162- Volunteer Service RecordDA 4713- Volunteer Daily Time Record

DA 7380- Installation Quality of Life Issue

DA 7381- BOSS General Ledger Summary

DD 2793- Volunteer Agreement


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