Army Community Service

ACS (Army Community Service) is located at Building 50010.

MON.– WED. & FRI 8 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
THURS 10 A.M.–4:30 P.M.

Family Support
ACS – “Partners in Readiness”

The ACS Outreach Program located in Bldg 50010 is designed to assist soldiers and spouses providing numerous direct services. This is especially true for the spouse who is not familiar with the military system. All ranks qualify for assistance, those residing both on and off the installation. As one of the primary outreach services, promotes all ACS programs/services and focuses on, but is not limited to, several areas of direct services: Life Skills Training, Education, Support Groups, and Adaptation to the challenges of military lifestyle and Family Preparedness. Some of the other services include: Waiting Families Program, Military Family Week, Military Spouses Day and Information Fairs. We are available to brief units and FRGs about ACS and about Military One Source.

Family Advocacy Program Manager: 533-2437 or 533-2330

The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) provides educationally based programs and training to active duty soldiers, retirees, and their family members. FAP provides the opportunity through the programs and training to share information, enhance and develop stress management and coping skills and link to support services. Everyone can benefit from prevention and education. It is important that soldiers and their families realize that when stressed, they are more vulnerable to life’s challenges. A little extra support is sometimes needed. FAP can also provide assistance with linking to the other programs and services within Family Advocacy and other services on Fort Huachuca.

Financial Readiness Program: 533-2967

We provide personal financial readiness and consumer affairs prevention and education programs for Service Members, Family Members, Reserve Components, and DA civilians.

Army Emergency Relief: 533-5312

Army Emergency Relief (AER) is a private, non-profit organization established to assist Service and Family Members in emergency financial situations due to no fault of their own. Financial assistance is given in the form of an interest-free loan, grant, or combination of the two. Loans are repaid by an allotment.

Army Volunteer Corps: 538-6542

The Army Volunteer Corps Coordinators (AVCC) office is the centralized location for all information regarding the non-paid professional. Hours are tracked on using the Volunteer Information Management System (VMIS).  For more information call (520) 533-2330.

Employment: 538-5768

The Employment Readiness Program (ERP) provides a full range of information and referral services and assistance in the areas of employment, training and volunteer opportunities.  The services are designed to give all active duty, retired military personnel, DoD employees, their family members (adults and teenagers) and eligible personnel and Family members  (IAW AR 608-1) the competitive edge necessary to secure employment.  The program provides assistance to eligible customers in acquiring skills, networks, and resources that will allow them to participate in the work force and to develop a career/work plan.  Additionally our purpose is to minimize the employment problems associated with relocation.

Army Family Team Building: 538-6542

The Fort Huachuca’s Army Family Team Building staff is dedicated to providing education, guidance, Family readiness, empowerment, and volunteer opportunities to the total Army Family and surrounding Fort Huachuca community.

 Survivor Outreach Services: 533-6879

Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) is an Army-wide program designed to provide dedicated and comprehensive support to Survivors of deceased Soldiers. The program is a joint effort with collaboration from the Installation Management Command (IMCOM), the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command (FMWRC), the Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operation Center (CMAOC), the Army National Guard and Army Reserve. SOS standardizes casualty services and policies across the Army and provides additional staffing at Casualty Assistance Centers and Active Component and Reserve Component family Programs. SOS responds to the need for specialized staff at Casualty Assistance Centers (CAC) to help Casualty Assistance Officers (CAO) support Survivors, as well as adding additional staff who have the sole mission of providing continuing support to Survivors.

 Army Family Action Planning: 538-6542

Army Family Action Plan is an Army-wide program that allows all members of the Army (active duty, retired military, family members and civilian employees) the opportunity to voice concerns and voice issues to installation and Army leadership. AFAP facilitates many positive changes that enhance the Army Experience. Issues are generated and collected from the Fort Huachuca community and are addressed at the annual installation conference. Issues that are not resolved at Installation level are forwarded to MACOM and then Department of Army for resolution. The program allows your voice to be heard.

Relocation Readiness: 533-5919

The Relocation Readiness Program provides assistance to military personnel, family members and DOD civilians moving to the Fort Huachuca community or personnel relocating to other military installations.

Mobilization and Deployment Readiness: 533-0282

The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness program housed at ACS assists Soldiers and their Families to prepare for the separations common in military life. The MobDep Program assists by coordinating resources, facilitating use of those resources and ensuring a one stop shop for Soldiers and their Families during times of Separation.

Exceptional Family Member Program: 538-5899

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory enrollment program that works with other Military and Civilian Agencies to provide a comprehensive, coordinated, and multi-disciplinary approach for medical, education, housing, community, support, and personnel services to families with special needs. EFMP ensures that medical and special education needs are considered in the assignment process. Upon in-processing, soldiers are queried about an exceptional family member. If a soldier have or suspect they have an exceptional family member, they are referred to the installation EFMP office for assistance.

Sexual Harrassment

Sexual Harassment Assault Response
Prevention Program: 538-5971   533-3986

Sexual harassment and sexual assault are inconsistent with Army Values and will not be tolerated. One assault is one too many. We must foster a climate of trust that respects and protects our Soldiers, civilians, and family members. We are aggressively implementing and expanding the Army’s comprehensive Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program. SHARP is a commander’s program. We are committed to ensuring engaged leadership at all levels to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment.