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31 August 2016



At Framing Solutions on Fort Huachuca we are amazed at some of the artwork, photos, and unusual items we are entrusted to frame.  Recently, we stretched and framed a large original aboriginal painting, and have designed projects with unusual items such as shrapnel, an ax, Yankees stadium seat back, and a christening gown with shoes.  We’ve also framed celebrity/athlete signed photos, jerseys, and baseballs.

Several weeks ago, the family of Three Dog Night founder Cory Wells entrusted us with the gold record he received from for the group’s song, “Shambala”, in 1973. As lovers of all things Three Dog Night, it was an honor for us.

Because the gold record was in its original 40-year-old frame, when we disassembled it, the record and the engraved metal plate were secure but obviously in need of some tender loving care. We replaced all the mounting materials with new: the new tape on the back of the record replaced the old crumbling tape and foamboard replaced cardboard.

20160322_135809 20160322_135740

As with all projects, we used only conservation materials including a museum quality silk mat and assembly products that will allow this important piece of memorabilia to last a lifetime. The family selected an antique gold frame, and, as always with museum glass, it appeared that there was no glass at all.

We are proud of the finished product and the family loved it.


Framing Solutions is a service of the Arts & Crafts Center at Fort Huachuca. We are located in Building 52008 at the corner of Arizona and Hatfield Streets. Contact us at 520-533-5550. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9-5, and Thursday, 12-7.


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