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    Located in the rustic foothills of Fort Huachuca, Buffalo Corral Riding Stables has horses to rent for groups or individuals by the hour. Horses are also available to lease by the month at reasonable rates. Privately owned horses may be boarded in a private mount area at an affordable price. 
    Western riding lessons are offered for all skill levels. Guided trail rides through the scenic Huachuca Mountains are offered trail rides every Saturday by reservation .We also offer open riding Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Hours of operation are Thursday through Sunday, 9 A.M. -4 P.M. the last horse out for open riding is 2:45. For more information call 533-5220. 

Building 13555
Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613-6000
(520) 533-5220

Services                                                          Days Offered            Times                      Cost                

1 Hour Guided Trail Rides                                Thurs, Fri, Sun         9:30am-3pm               $22.00 Military /$27 Civilian  
Reservations Required 

2 Hour Guided Trail Rides                                 Saturday                 10am-Noon                $30 Military /$35 Civilian  
Reservations Required

Unguided (open) Guided Trail Rides                   Thurs, Fri,                9:30am- 2:45             $20 Military 

Special Instructions First come first severed-intermediate to advanced riders ONLY Ride Test Required- age minimum 15 years.                                                             

Kids Lead Around                                             Thurs Sun               9am-3pm                $4.00 Military / $5 Civilian
Special Instructions Charged by 15 minute increments parent or guardian leads horse- age minimum 2 years                                                                      

Private 1 Hour Riding Lessons                           Thurs, Fri, Sun          9:30am-2:30pm         $29.00 Military /$38 Civilian  
Special Instructions By appointment only discount packages available- age minimum 7 years                                                                            

Semi-Private Riding Lessons                             Thurs, Fri, Sun          9:30am-2:30pm         $25.00 Military /$34 Civilian   
Special Instructions By appointment only-up to 2 riders for 1 hour- discount packages available- age minimum 7 years          

Group Riding Lessons                                       Thurs, Fri- Sun          9:30am-2:30pm         $22.00 Military /$31 Civilian      
Special Instructions 3 to 5 Riders in a Group                                                              

Birthday Parties    (3 hours)                               Thurs - Sun               9:30am-3:00pm        $47.50 Military /$57.50 Civilian  
Special Instructions Party includes lead around with max 2 horses for 2 hours and use of covered and or uncovered patio and grill           

Horse Leasing We currently do not have any horses available for  lease. Please check back.                                                        

Special Groups Rides/Parties       Please call for a quote and to make a reservation. 

Please note ride availability/reservation is based upon weight and horse availability. Maximum rider weight is 250pounds.  

Buffalo Corral Private Mount Area

Fort Huachuca, Arizona
Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613-6000

Our facility boasts beautiful views, miles of trails, and friendly staff. We have 10 open air barns with 12x20 stalls (single) or 24x20 (double) that are partially covered, made of galvanized pipe and maintained regularly. in addition, we have 2 arenas, 2 round pens, a loping path, dressage arena, horse trailer parking, and access to our rodeo arena just a 10minute ride from the corral.

FortHuachucaDSCN0516.JPG FortHuachucaDSCN0519.JPG FortHuachucaDSCN0517.JPG

Self Care: 

$50 per month /single pen
$100 per month/double pen
$12/ Tack Shed

Self care requirements include owners must clean stalls once per day, horse(s) fed twice a day water checked and filled troughs cleaned once per week, and stall maintained according to SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) requirements.

Full Care:
$170 per month/ owner provides all feed
$220  per month/ Corral provides 5 bales of alfalfa
$320  per month/ Corral provides 5 bales of alfalfa and turn out 3 times a week.
ull care includes stall(s) cleaned twice per day, horse(s) fed twice a day,  water checked and filled troughs cleaned once per week, and stall footing maintained according to SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) requirements.

Quarantine Your horse will stay in quarantine for 10 days
Proof of Negative Coggins Test within (6) months of arrival 
Specific Immunizations are also required, please contact the post Veterinary office at  (520)533-2767 for more information.

***Buffalo Corral must be contacted prior to bringing a horse into quarantine to ensure stall availability.